The Number One Tip for Buying Furniture

The blog for Villas at Stone Oak Ranch discusses why it's important to shop for furniture in a store and not online.

This is what happens when you buy furniture on line

I am not that fond of shopping. I mean, I’m not that fond of shopping in the real world. I make a lot of purchases on line these days. It’s so much more convenient and often I can get a better price than in a bricks and mortar store.

But when it comes to shopping for furniture, going to a store is your best bet.

The Design Sherpa blog spells out the reasons.

  • Stains– The stain varies greatly by manufacturer, and it really helps to get a good look at it in person to make sure you’re matching your decor.
  • Finishes– Again, different companies produce smoother finishes than others, and this is something that doesn’t really show up well in online photos.
  • Drawers– A lot depends on if the drawer is, say, on a metal slide, or how comfortable it is to use the knobs on the drawers. You can’t always tell on line.
  • How does it feel?– When you’re looking for an upholstered piece, feel is crucial. Is it too hard or too soft? Do your feet touch the floor comfortably when you sit on the piece? There’s only one way to tell: sit on it.

(Image: Some rights reserved, Rob Sinclair)

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